“Helmets and headbands do not prevent concussions. Their cushioning effect reduces the degree of kinetic energy directed to the head and the brain; an extra layer of protection from a glancing blow.”

Dr. Brian Hunt, Canadian Neurosurgeon, Concussion Education and Awareness Committee Expert, ThinkFirst BC co-Founder

“It’s a huge problem and anything to prevent head injury is welcome. Not only reducing impact, this Forcefield headband can prevent hematomas and lacerations and scrapes, all good to reduce head injuries. I am glad to help spread the word.”

Dr. Jeff Weisbrot, MD, FRCP(C), Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Behavioral Counseling Medical Education Specialist, Private Practitioner, Pediatric. Director of Medical Education, MacKenzie Health. Accomplished past Chief of Pediatrics York Central Hospital and Staff Physician, The Hospital for Sick Children. Published Author on Child Care.