Forcefield Protective Sweatband™ 40 Navy


Ever headed the ball, taken a tumble after a fast paced drill or collided with another player? Wearing Forcefield Protective Headgear™ while playing soccer provides protection from the small, repetitive hits to the head that are part of the game. The ball will always play true. The patented design has been engineered to absorb and spread out the force of an impact without detracting from any of the tecniques involved in playing the sport. The only difference, which is significant, is that all players experience substantially less impact force to the brain.


  • Patented helmet polymers fused inside an athletic quality sweatband lessens the force of an impact significantly
  • 85% cotton, 15% spandex, hand washable, air dry
  • Stretches for best fit, comfort & performance
  • This size fits children, ages 4 – 11. From 41-56 cm (16-22″).
  • For soccer, basketball, curling, figure skating, volleyball, cheerleading & many other non-collision sports, recreational and leisure activities
  • Certified CE II for use as protective headgear. Meets all ASTM, NCAA and FIFA standards
  • Listed by National Federation of High Schools (USA) as safety gear for students, in use by NCAA Universities and High Schools (USA)
  • Doesn’t interfere with visibility or the fun of the sport
  • Ball plays true
  • Looks and wears like a sweatband
  • Full public disclosure of test data and CE safety & manufacturing standards on the Tech Data Menu